Friday, May 13, 2011

School Summary

Let me start by saying I got an A- in my Spanish class! Yes!!!

Lots of people ask me where I am with school, how much longer until I graduate, etc.  So I am going to spell it out here.

I transferred in with 48 credits (a few credits from my associate degree did not transfer over) and to complete my degree I need 120.  So when I began at U-Mass Lowell, I needed to complete 72 credits.  So far I’ve completed 18 credits, leaving me with 54 to go, or 18 more classes at 3 credits each. 

The length of time it will take me to graduate is completely dependent on what rate I take these remaining 18 classes.  If I continue to do 4 classes a year (2 in the spring and 2 in the fall), then I have about 4.5 years to go; if I do 6 classes a year, I’ve got 3 years to go, and so on.

The degree I am seeking is a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Here are my remaining requirements:

- College Writing II (I will enroll in this for the fall if it becomes available)
- 2 Arts and Humanities (I really want to take The Horror Story towards this! I had enrolled but then realized College Writing II was a pre-requisite and CWII has not been posted as an online class since I completed College Writing I.  Still holding out…)
- 1 Social Science
- 1 Science with Lab
- Spanish 3 and Culture (I am enrolled in this for the fall)
- Spanish 4 and Culture
- Social or Community Psychology (I am enrolled in this for the fall)
- Research I: Basics
- Research II: Statistics
- Research III: Laboratory
- 1 Advanced Psych. Seminar (I’d like to take the seminar on clinical psych. for this)
- 1 Psych. 400 Level Elective (I’d like to take the seminar on personality)
- 1 Psych. 300-400 Level Elective (I’d like to take psychological testing for this – the class, not the actual testingJ)
- 2 300-400 Level Electives
- 2 Electives at any Level

What comes next? I’m not really sure.  The Citadel graduate college has a few programs that I am interested in, one is the Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling and the other is a Specialist in Education in School Psychology.  I don’t quite understand the description of the latter so that is something I’ll look into more as the time approaches.  I can’t say anything with certainty because as I gain experiences with my job (I work for a social service organization) and with my classes, I sway to different sides.  I know I will know when the time comes.

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