Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Scrap Space

I mentioned in a previous post about how I moved a room around over the weekend to create a space for my card making.  Here's where I will elaborate since I love to talk.  :)

I desperately needed a set space to work on my card making.  I had most of my stuff in a wheeled plastic drawer cart and I would just wheel it to where I wanted to work.  Well that's just a pain because even though the cart moves, I don't always have a place to sit that has a hard and flat surface. 

In the garage we had a desk.  It's a no frills, one drawer, put together in 10 minutes desk.  It was given to us by a friend of my parents when we moved into our apartment and needed furniture.  It served it's purpose as a desk, then we got the roll top desk, so we didn't need it and moved it to the garage for Brad to use as a work table.  Let's just say it never got used in there either, except to hold clutter.  So Sunday my boredom overtook me and the desk was mine again!

It's still a tight squeeze in this room, not another thing will fit, but it is comfortable.  I want to keep that bedroom a spare bedroom, but it was killing me to have a room that I couldn't actively use.  So I'm elated to say the least.  Now I can officially say that we're actively using every room of the house and that makes me happy!

My corner of the room... the dresser in the pic was empty, but I unloaded my plastic drawered cart into that so now it houses my scrapping stuff.  Perfect placement if you ask me! And the desk has a nice large surface so there is plenty of room to work.  Both the desk and the dresser were given to us by friends of my parents, so while they might not be aesthetically fresh, they were free and very much appreciated!

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