Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first crop!

No, I'm not talking about Farmville! A crop, which I just learned, is when people get together to scrapbook.  So this wasn't actually my first crop, but it was my first formal one I guess you could say.  It was at Bernadette's friend Wendy's house, she sells Creative Memories.  We had a nice time oohing and ahhing each others work and socializing.  I finished my Mothers' Day cards and even worked on a couple of birthday cards.

This first card is a birthday card.  I used some metallic paper Bernadette had and also her punch (on the side) and some flowers and pearl gem stickers.  Oh, and I used Cricut to cut out the word "Celebrate"! Yay!

This is a close-up of the flowers.

And of celebrate and the punch detail, unfortunately the lighting made it appear a little yellow.  "Celebrate" is actually silver and the background of the punch is white.  The color of the metallic background is best shown in the picture above.  Very hot pink!

This one is one of the Mothers' Day cards.  You may recognize some of the upcoming cards as ones I posted pictures of in another post.  I had already completed the backgrounds and the sides and I just had to add something to the cover.  On this card I used the Cricut to cut a hibiscus.

I cut out two hibiscus flowers, one in purple and one a little smaller in the same metallic paper as the background to create a layered look.  I think it came out pretty nice.

This next one is another Mothers' Day card.  I used Berdnadette's Sizzex embosser to make the piece in the center. 

This close-up shows the embossing in better detail.  I used the same purple as the background of the card for the embossed part, I stuck it to a piece of metallic paper that matches the punched strip down the side.

I'm a little out of order here, this is a birthday card.  My brother-in-law, who I know won't read this so I'm positive I won't give it away, is a cowboy at heart, so this suits him rather well.  I used the Cricut to cut out the hats.

And another Mothers' Day card.  I used the Cricut to cut the flower in the center.  I didn't take a picture of any of the insides, but they are either stamped or cut with "Happy Mothers' Day."

And another Mothers' Day card.  This one is similar to the embossed one, I used the same purple that is on the side and stuck a Cricut cut to that.  The cut is the same paper as the background.

I had a great time and I absolutely love doing this! I love all the new ideas I've gotten and I really want to buy some more products.  I think my creativity is slightly limited because all I have is stamps, a few punches, and some colored paper.  I love getting together with the girls and sharing their neat stuff.  I wish I had more to offer! I'm thinking about starting small and getting a Sizzix like Bernadette, or a Cuttlebug, which is similar.  The Cuttlebug can emboss and cut, so I'm thinking about getting that to at least have on hand for the little projects that I do.  Fun!

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