Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers' Day

We had a great day yesterday with our moms!

We started off with a very nice breakfast at Trotter's with Brad's family.  They set up a delicious buffet of all the favorite breakfast foods.  I had eggs, bacon, grits, sausage, hash browns, and a biscuit.  They also had an omelet and crepes station and pancakes and French toast, but I didn't have any of that.  The service completely stunk this year but the food was still good! People present: Mom and Dad E, Michele, Mat, Brandi, Evelyn, Eric, Jeff, Kat, Cleve, and Chris.

Then we had my parents over for dinner.  I made a Publix Aprons recipe, another one, the Chicken Florentine Bake with Spinach and Blue Cheese Bread.  It was delicious, and it was even great as a leftover (lunch today - yum!).  The only thing I'd suggest is to use fresh spinach instead of the frozen creamed spinach.  It came out a bit watery and that was the only thing I can think of that might have made it that way.  I would love to make it again so I will, but I will try fresh spinach instead.  If that doesn't help, then I might try downsizing the milk portion.  Anyway, it was good even if it was a little watery! The blue cheese bread was a little different, we also had some problems assembling that and I think that was also due to the spinach, so again I would recommend fresh spinach leaves.  For desert my parents brought over a Publix cake topped with fruit and it was good.  I made another cake roll, this one was French vanilla cake with chocolate icing and it was delicious! Much better than the last.  The French vanilla cake mix doesn't quite hold up as well as the angel food cake in the actual rolling process, but if you are icing the cake, you can cover that right up.  I'll post pics of all the food after I load them from my camera! After dinner and desert we played Trivial Pursuit, it was me and my dad against Brad and my mom.  The game is to be continued but they are ahead of us by two pies.  We'll see what happens. 


All in all we had a good day and a nice weekend!


  1. I'm always looking for good spinich recipes. Stopping over from feeling beachie.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It was delicious!


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