Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday

1. Did you think the world was going to start ending on Saturday?

The world was supposed to end Saturday? Huh? Haha, just kidding! No, I did not believe the world was going to start to end on Saturday.  At all.

2. Did you stock up on important things and sell all your good stuff and spend your life savings or give it to someone?

Umm, no.

3. What were you doing at 6pm Saturday?

Driving home from the Sertoma BBQ Festival.

4. Do you think someone can predict when the world is going to end?

No way, the Bible says so.

5. Do you have family or friends who really thought the world was going to start ending?

Nope.  I heard a bunch of people mocking it, but I'm not aware of anyone who really thought it was true.

6. What do you think of Harold Camping (the guy who predicted the world was going to start ending on certain dates and was wrong both times)?

Who? Honestly, I haven't given him a second thought.  Maybe he should find a different hobby because this one obviously isn't working for him.

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