Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have a dream...

Insert Brad's "ok Martin Luther" here.  He always says that after I say, "I have/had a dream."  Funny guy.

I love to bake.  Cookies and cupcakes are my favorite because, for me, they aren't as easy to screw up.  I love the opportunity to get fancy with some cupcakes or cookies and any time I try to do that with a cake, something goes wrong.  I've got to stick to the basics with cakes and boo-hoo to that.  Plus, I like the fork-and-plate-freedom of cookies and cupcakes.  You can take a cupcake or a cookie and walk with it without making an event out of eating it.

I recently purchased some new cookie cutters.  I ordered them from Amazon, to be exact, and they will arrive Friday.  I've made tons of cookies for tons of reasons and I love them, but I haven't really mastered the rolled sugar cookie.  I've made them before, and I've made spritz cookies before, so I know it's not impossible.  I just haven't really broken down and done the whole project from start to finish and I want to. 

I was actually inspired to do this by another blog, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.  She is an amazing artist! I found her blog through Blogger's list "Blogs of Note" on my dashboard.  I was immediately intrigued by her designs and had to follow.  I haven't gone through enough past posts to know exactly what type of cookie she uses, but from my own repertoire of knowledge, I associate sugar cookies with rolling and cutting, so that's what I'm planning to do.  I'm not planning on getting ahead of myself and decorating just yet... I will leave that for later.  But first I plan to master the sugar cookie!

Back to my dream... I would love to open a bake shop one day and sell cookies and cupcakes.  I would absolutely love it.  I haven't shared that with many people because of how unrealistic it sounds.  People who want to open this and open that are a dime a dozen nowadays and probably less than a quarter of them actually do it.  Not that I am knocking anyone's dreams, I have a dream too, remember? It's just a common perception that people seem to have and therefore they don't always take our dreams too seriously.  Not to mention bake shops seem to be a dime a dozen these days too.

Everytime I bake something, or think about baking something, or watch a show on TV about baking, I revive this dream in my mind.  But I'm going to school for psychology and I am passionate about that, so how does this even make sense? Ugh.  I don't know.

So I'm thinking about gathering together some of my recipes and making them and bringing them to work or to parties or whatever and just put some feelers out and see how it goes.  Baby steps, you know? Maybe one day I will get lucky and it will take off.  I know I can't just go to a bank tomorrow, take out a loan, rent a place and get to business.  I have to start small but I have to start somewhere.

Once I get my "menu" together with recipes I've conquered, I'll start making them and passing them around.  Anyone have any suggestions of other ways I could get my name out there? I'd love to hear them!

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