Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Yes, I know this is Sunday, but I'm announcing that I had a happy Saturday!

Brad and I packed up early and went to Myrtle Beach.  My friend B is there for a conference from North Carolina, and I snagged the opportunity to see her! Our friend Jaz met us there too.  We had lunch at Planet Hollywood and I got a new souvenir shot glass to add to my growing collection.  When we were leaving it started to rain so we decided to drive to a mall because we would have gotten drenched at Broadway at the Beach.  On the way we totally got pelted by hail from this "rain" we were trying to avoid.  Sidenote: on the way back home, we noticed a few new chips in our windshield, thanks weather!  Anyway, Brad got lost in Bass Pro Shop while we wandered around the mall.  It was great to spend time with the girls! When we left the weather was gorgeous again of course and Jaz and Jelly (her daughter's loveable nickname) headed back to NC, B, Brad, and I took our chances at Broadway at the Beach.  As we were ducking for cover from some new rain, this is what we saw...

How adorable!!! I love little duck families! Makes me want to go take pictures of the ones in our neighborhood.  Anyway, Broadway at the Beach wasn't exciting as it was when me, B, and Jaz made this trip in September, so we headed out of there pretty early.  We bid B farewell and Brad and I headed back home. 

We had a pretty deep superhero discussion on the way home from MB.  It was quite funny.  I don't even know what brought it up.  Oh yes, something had us thinking about whether a particular comic book character was DC or Marvel.  Don't ask.  So I was Googling on my phone.  Somehow we got into the Avengers and I was looking up all the "at one point" members of the Avengers on Wikipedia.  We were talking about Captain America, we had seen the preview for that movie while we were at Planet Hollywood, I love Chris Evans.  Well, somewhere on that Avenger list is Captain America AND Human Torch (Fantastic Four).  Chris Evans plays the Human Torch AND he plays Captain America.  So tell me, if this Avengers movie series really pans out, how can that work? Ok, so I'm being a total geek right now, but seriously...

Next... we got home and vegged for a while and watched The Dilemma.  It was a little awkward in places but when it was funny, it was funny.  Gotta love Vince Vaughn and Kevin James!

Later in the evening (at like 9:00) our friends Rey and Kandace came over and we played some Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture.  Brad and Rey won.  There I said it.  Us girls just never landed on a stinkin' pie! And when we did they were absurd questions.  It was fun anyway!!

Now I can smell the bacon and pancakes Brad is cooking for our weekend home-cooked breakfast and I must go!

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