Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gimme Gimme I Want!

Since I'm on the subject of wanting things... I really want a Cuttlebug.  To be honest, I really really want a Cricut, but that will turn into an expensive hobby for me considering the cartridges can cost a pretty penny.  So where the Cricut is concerned, I think it's kind of like wanting a boat... you may want one real bad, but it's better to have a friend with one so you don't have to deal with all the cost involved.  I'm more than happy to buy a cartridge or two as a thank-you for letting me use it, but I just know if it were mine I'd be buying them like mad and I'd no longer be saving money by making my own greeting cards.  

So the Cuttlebug will die cut and emboss.  You do need to buy cartridges for that as well, but the price is much more in my range.  You can find a lot of them on for a steal.  Here is an example of a die cut cartridge at, and an example of an embossing folder at  Oh and here is an example of a combo set, you can cut and emboss! The prices really aren't that bad, and this could open up a whole new door for my creative card making!

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