Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Older

I was reading the June edition of Real Simple magazine, the only magazine which I’ve sustained a subscription to.  I love this magazine.  I’m not into the makeup and fashion sections, but the rest of the stuff in it is useful, really useful.  Anyway, there was a section in Real Simple about getting older and I think it was pretty neat so I thought I’d summarize and share:

5 Great Things About Getting Older

You’ll be happier.  They say that research shows that as we age, we become more emotionally stable and content.  I get that.

Wise decisions will come more easily.  They say through the years our brains build up connections and recognize patterns, meaning we’ve become better problem solvers.

The fashion police will be off your back.  I love this one.  I hate it when people get criticized for how they’re dressed.  I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it and I’m not trying to judge, but man am I tired of having to think about looks versus comfort.  Let me tell you, even now, comfort often wins.

You’ll know who you are.  I really do feel like I know myself more and more as time passes.

You’ll have time on your hands.  They say later in life you’ll have seen it all, lived it all, and felt it all, and now you can take a moment to share what you’ve learned.  Volunteering is a great way to do that.

I know I’m still young and some people reading this might wonder why I’m talking about getting old.  I guess because it seems like people fear getting old so much.  I don’t.  I’ve got a birthday coming up at the end of the year, the big 3-0.  Sure when I was a teenager the thought of turning 30 may have freaked me out, but it doesn’t anymore.  And you might say that I should wait until 40 or 50 is in the near future and see how I feel, but the fact is – I don’t think I will then either.  I feel like I’m heading in the right direction with my life, I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished thus far.  Do I think I could have done more? Sure.  Do I regret not? No.  It might also help my aging process a bit to see “those who have gone before me,” my husband, sisters, brothers-in-law.  They’re still standing, why should I be any different?

5 Great Things About Getting older was borrowed and summarized from Real Simple magazine, June 2011.

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