Saturday, May 7, 2011

Classes are over!!

I am so happy to say that I am finally done for the semester!

<<Insert poorly done cabbage patch dance here.>>

I took the "final" for my science class on Thursday.  I call it a "final" because it was a 16 question multiple choice quiz-looking thing.  Kind of disappointed that I had stayed home from work that morning to spend less than 40 minutes on a test.  I got an 81 and I'm OK with that because I loathed that class.  I'm just glad it's done and I believe I will end up with a B in the class.  I'd prefer an A but I can't win them all.  I wanted to drop that class so bad so I'll take a B.

Today I did my last assignment for my Spanish class and took the quiz.  I'm sure I did OK on that, I usually do.  That was the last bit of anything I had for that class though, so I'm happy.  I hope I get another A in it, but I kind of slacked on the participation aspect so I'm not sure how I'll do in that area.  I just had the hardest time getting inolved in classes this semester because of that science class. 

I plan to spend some of the summer reviewing my Spanish stuff from the first and second class, so I can be prepared for Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Summer vacation here I come!

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