Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bird Photo Bomb!

I apologize in advance, but I couldn't just pick out a few to post! They are all too cute.  These birds are near and dear to me.  They hang out at the ponds in my neighborhood and I pass three ponds on the way home and I always look out for them.  I love watching them sitting on their nests for weeks and weeks and then seeing them with their babies afterward.  I can be having the worst day ever and I'll see even just one of them and be forced to smile.  I hope you do the same.

You'll notice in many of the pictures the parents of the babies look angry! They were shooing away other geese and ducks. 



 Daddy goose (above) has a wounded wing.  He's been around for years though and still flies.

 Be sure to check out the expression on the momma goose's face in the pic above.


  1. Jenn I have almost picture on my cell phone! We have them in our sub and the momma and daddy ducks position themselves one in front and one in back as they cross the street. too cute

  2. They are adorable! We have "crossings" in our neighborhood too, it's so cute to watch them pass. Of course I haven't been in a rush yet, so we'll see how I feel about them once I am! Haha.


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