Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bird Photo Bomb!

I apologize in advance, but I couldn't just pick out a few to post! They are all too cute.  These birds are near and dear to me.  They hang out at the ponds in my neighborhood and I pass three ponds on the way home and I always look out for them.  I love watching them sitting on their nests for weeks and weeks and then seeing them with their babies afterward.  I can be having the worst day ever and I'll see even just one of them and be forced to smile.  I hope you do the same.

You'll notice in many of the pictures the parents of the babies look angry! They were shooing away other geese and ducks. 



 Daddy goose (above) has a wounded wing.  He's been around for years though and still flies.

 Be sure to check out the expression on the momma goose's face in the pic above.

My Scrap Space

I mentioned in a previous post about how I moved a room around over the weekend to create a space for my card making.  Here's where I will elaborate since I love to talk.  :)

I desperately needed a set space to work on my card making.  I had most of my stuff in a wheeled plastic drawer cart and I would just wheel it to where I wanted to work.  Well that's just a pain because even though the cart moves, I don't always have a place to sit that has a hard and flat surface. 

In the garage we had a desk.  It's a no frills, one drawer, put together in 10 minutes desk.  It was given to us by a friend of my parents when we moved into our apartment and needed furniture.  It served it's purpose as a desk, then we got the roll top desk, so we didn't need it and moved it to the garage for Brad to use as a work table.  Let's just say it never got used in there either, except to hold clutter.  So Sunday my boredom overtook me and the desk was mine again!

It's still a tight squeeze in this room, not another thing will fit, but it is comfortable.  I want to keep that bedroom a spare bedroom, but it was killing me to have a room that I couldn't actively use.  So I'm elated to say the least.  Now I can officially say that we're actively using every room of the house and that makes me happy!

My corner of the room... the dresser in the pic was empty, but I unloaded my plastic drawered cart into that so now it houses my scrapping stuff.  Perfect placement if you ask me! And the desk has a nice large surface so there is plenty of room to work.  Both the desk and the dresser were given to us by friends of my parents, so while they might not be aesthetically fresh, they were free and very much appreciated!

Gimme Gimme I Want!

Since I'm on the subject of wanting things... I really want a Cuttlebug.  To be honest, I really really want a Cricut, but that will turn into an expensive hobby for me considering the cartridges can cost a pretty penny.  So where the Cricut is concerned, I think it's kind of like wanting a boat... you may want one real bad, but it's better to have a friend with one so you don't have to deal with all the cost involved.  I'm more than happy to buy a cartridge or two as a thank-you for letting me use it, but I just know if it were mine I'd be buying them like mad and I'd no longer be saving money by making my own greeting cards.  

So the Cuttlebug will die cut and emboss.  You do need to buy cartridges for that as well, but the price is much more in my range.  You can find a lot of them on for a steal.  Here is an example of a die cut cartridge at, and an example of an embossing folder at  Oh and here is an example of a combo set, you can cut and emboss! The prices really aren't that bad, and this could open up a whole new door for my creative card making!


After spending a ridiculous amount of hours watching Cake Boss, I am determined to start making some cakes and cupcakes to send around for sampling.  I have some ideas in mind that nearly made me drool yesterday and I can't wait to try them out.  I'm not the best at decorating cakes which is why I always lean towards cupcakes, but I am determined to at least try to make a pretty cake.  Don't get me wrong, I can bake.  I can make a mean cake and whip up some awesome icing, I just can't get the whole smoothness thing down with the icing and embellishments and I would love to work with fondant and cure that "unable to get a smooth looking cake" itch, but that's a whole different can of worms I can't bear to open up just yet.  Before I tackle said cake, I want this.  If I can win that battle, then maybe I'll eventually graduate to this, especially if I figure out what extra things it can be used for versus the simpler model.  I can probably pick it up at Micheal's or A.C. Moore with one of their wonderful coupons, I might just do that this weekend and tackle the cake that's been in my mind for nearly 24 hours!

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We had a very nice three day weekend.  Yes, I said we.  Brad actually had Monday off.  This is a first in a long time.  Usually we don't get to enjoy long weekends together so it was a nice change.

First and foremost, a big thank-you to all the military men and women who sacrifice so much to keep us all safe.  An even bigger thank-you to my friends and family who are or were a part of the military.  Another special thank you to the firefighters and law enforcement personnel who do so much to keep us safe here in the US as well.  

Friday we went to trivia and did not win, but as usual we had a nice time.

Saturday we had a BBQ at my parents' house.  We had a nice time there as well and busted our butts making an appetizer to bring.  We made BLT Bites.  They are cherry tomatoes stuffed with a bacon and onion stuffing.  The recipe came from Taste of Home.  They were yummy and I'll post pics later.  All the food that my parents' friends brought was delicious.  I love potlucks! We lost the egg toss this year, boo! But I think Brad came in second in darts!

 BLT Bites
 Me getting ready to catch the egg.
Brad catching the egg. 
Happy family minus the three felines.

Sunday was not our day of rest! We did yard work, he mowed and I edged and weed-whacked.  Then we napped for a couple of hours, so I guess we did get our rest in.  Later he went to the driving range with his brother to see if his shoulder was well enough to hit golf balls.  And while he was gone I decided to rearrange one of the bedrooms.  That was not fun but I'm so glad it's done now.  Our guest bedroom has kind of been closed off to the world, we don't use it except when we have visitors and that's not very often.  We wanted to keep it pet-free in case one of my allergic siblings came to stay with us and we've been in the house for three years and haven't had a single allergic overnight-er.  Anyway, it's been driving me nuts that we have this space but don't use it, and I need space to work on my cards and any other craft projects that I come across.  So I rearranged the furniture to make room for a spare desk we had in the garage that would be the perfect work space for my card making.  Now the door is open and I'm open for business! I made three cards that night.  I'll post pictures and chat more about my new space later.

Monday we did some more work around the house, cleaning and finishing up laundry.  Then we watched Cake Boss pretty much ALL DAY LONG.  It's amazing how addictive that show can be.  I seriously can't believe we sat in front of the TV that long, but we did it.  I think we started out in the morning with the show Next Great Baker and then graduated to Cake Boss.  It was a nice lazy day, we snacked on leftovers.  Around 5:00 or so we went to one of the ponds in the neighborhood and fed the ducks and geese.  The goose family with five babies came to eat and they were so adorable! I took lots of pictures and will post them later.

Learn Something New Tuesday

1. Are you afraid of heights?

Yes and no.  If I am inside or on a sturdy structure, I am OK, I might panic a little but I wouldn't freak out.  If I am outside, like on a rickety balcony and/or don't feel safe, then yes I am afraid.

2. Do you have any tattoos?

Yes, I have 2.  I have one on the right side of my lower back and one on my leg.

3. Do you have any condoms in your room?


4. Would you date someone if they had funny looking toes?

I'm not quite sure how one's toes are relevant in a relationship.

5. Could you go a day without talking to the last person you kissed?

Nope.  Sometimes I would like to but he would nag the living daylights out of me until I talked to him.  Love you Brad!

6. Where was the last place you slept besides your bed?

Probably the couch.  We doze off while watching TV a lot.  Maybe we watch too much TV...
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