Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wonder why I called her Loco...

When I got this cat just over 13 years ago, I had no idea she'd ever live up to her name, "Loco".  I named her that, not because she was crazy, but because I listened to 311 all the time back then and they have a song called Loco.  I like the tune of the song mind you, I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics.  If there was any other one word 311 song back that could be a pet's name then she may have been named that instead, who knows, I was 16 years old.  Anyway, there have been two incidents in the past two days that have indicated that she is indeed a little cookoo and I have pictures to represent them.

First, yesterday, Brad and I were watching the new Cats and Dogs movie on TV.  A little while into the movie, Loco jumps onto the coffee table.  This is not out of character for her as she loves to be in higher places.  She's a little too prestigious for the floor.  Anyway, we're watching the movie and then I realized that she was actually watching the cats and dogs on TV.  Vividly.  It was hilarious.  Side note: you can't really see it in the picture because her fat and fur cover it up, but she's actually laying in a box lid on the coffee table.  Not just on the coffee table because that must be beneath her, she has to lay on top of our stuff.

The other incident happened today.  I had taken the dog outside and she tends to sit by the back door and try to sneak out.  All our cats are indoor cats.  When Loco was  younger and lived in NY, she had a taste of the outside because my dad would let her out occasionally.  Well, she isn't going outside here.  There are too many creatures in the South Carolina wilderness.  So I took the dog inside and for a moment I thought I had seen Loco by the back door, but when we came in she wasn't there.  I searched high and low in the kitchen, garage, backyard, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms... no Loco.  So finally I'm calling Brad to see if he let her out when he left the house and he didn't answer his phone.  So I'm in our bedroom and I go to pick something up off the floor and my head kind of goes over Brad's work clothes laundry basket and voila! There is Loco.  Inside the basket. 

And there you have it... my crazy, but totally cute, Loco.  Oh! And I will have to get a picture of her grooming the other animals, including the dog!

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