Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on my classes...

The semester is over May 9th! Insert trumpet music here.  I am so excited.  This semester has been hard.  The content hasn't been difficult, but I have had a hard time getting involved in my classes.  It's just been rough.

Forensic Science for the Non-Scientist: I really thought this class would be interesting because the course description referenced the TV show CSI.  What could be better than that? O contraire mon frere.  (Funny I should say that since I'm taking Spanish and not French!) It's a little more sciency than I had hoped but I'm managing.  There aren't weekly interactive assignments, like discussion questions, it's mainly work on your own type stuff, so it's really hard to get involved and to remember to do things.  Case and point: I missed a quiz! Completely missed it.  Off the map missed it.  I read the reminder e-mail about a week prior, but apparently I checked out that week because I totally forgot about it.  Thankfully the instructor drops the lowest grade, mine being a big fat zero, so it shouldn't effect me as much as I was dreading.  Grade-wise I've gotten an 81% and 75% on the two quizzes I did take, a 95 on my three lab reports as a whole, and a 95 on each of my critical thinking assignments.  If I did my calculations correctly, I am sitting at an 85 right now, that's using his scale of what counts towards what percent of your grade... I'm still missing 25% though, that's the final exam.  So that will play a decent part in my grade.

Spanish Language and Culture 2: I like this class, I really do.  I liked this instructor last semester as well.  My problem? Nothing really, except that I chose to pair it with a class I have little interest in, so since it's hard to get involved in one, it's hard to get involved in the other.  Right now I'm sitting at about a 91 only counting the quizes, 20% of our score is participation and homework and I feel OK about those things.  So I'll probably result in an A, and that's cool with me.  Will keep my GPA up after this science class slams it down!

So I'm excited the semester is almost over.  I have one exam left in each class and they will be on the fourth and seventh of May.  Then I'm home free for the summer! I am definitely planning on taking a more interesting class to accompany Spanish 3 in the fall semester.

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