Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Resolution

I may have mentioned this in my post about New Year's resolutions but I can't remember, either way I haven't been proactive about it.  My summer resolution? TAKE MORE PICTURES! I got a nice new camera for Christmas, which I love, but I just haven't gotten around to taking many pictures with it.  I know the primary reason for that is because of school.  When I'm not at work or trying my best to be a vegetable, I'm doing school work.  So once I'm finished with the spring semester (May 9) I vow to take more pictures! Of anything and everything.  I want my camera with me at all times.  You seriously never know when that perfect shot is going to come up, so why not be prepared? I plan on it!

Side note: I'm kind of stopping my "A Picture A Week" label.  Sounds kind of funny to be making a post about taking more pictures and then discontinuing that little project.  I just feel like I have too many labels to choose from.  Clearly when I post a picture, I am going to use the label "Pictures" so that will be enough.  I don't need to label every picture with two labels by default, and then whatever labels apply to the photos, ex: Pets, Cookies, etc... So I'm going to remove that label and if you want to see any pictures, just click the "Pictures" label on the right! I am still going to try to post at least one picture a week, but just without all the mumbo jumbo!

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