Monday, April 25, 2011

Some more cards...

I made some more cards today while I was watching my movie.  They are a work in progress, I just did the "shell" I guess you could say.  I saw this style on a card-making blog and decided to try it out.  Some will hopefully turn into Mothers' Day cards.

Oh, and what inspired this activity today was that I finally found where I bought the paper I have had for years! Well, truth is, I finally looked for it.  It was at Target, Wassau paper.  It's a great light form of card stock and comes in really nice colors.  I got a package of their primary colors, some pastels, metallic (very subtle and tasteful), and a smaller size pack of a large variety of colors.  All for $23.  Not too bad when you consider that you might get lucky buying five already made greeting cards for that price.  Now I can make a ton more!


  1. they're so pretty! how will you do the type? i always wanted to learn calligraphy, but i was never any good.

  2. I've got some stamps that I was thinking about using, otherwise, a friend of mine has a die cut machine and I LOVE to use that! She has all different fonts and stuff and I can "print" them out on whatever color paper I like. I would love to learn calligraphy but I have no patience!


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