Friday, April 22, 2011

Rainy Day Mani-Pedi

My goal for today, the first day off of my Easter break from work - Good Friday, was to stay in bed as long as I could, watch movies, and do nothing productive.  That was short-lived as I was rudely awakened by my thunder-phobe pup! I reluctantly crawled out of bed and began my day.  Usually when I plan to be a bum, I end up doing something.  It's the days when I plan to do something that I end up being a bum - you'd think I'd learn. 

So I popped in my first movie, Because I Said So, and decided I'd give myself a manicure.  A good one.  Right now my nails are longer than they've probably ever been.  I'm not sure why that is aside from the fact that I haven't been chewing on them.  The only short nail, the pinky on my left hand, is that way because it broke.  No chewing involved.

I pulled my paraffin wax bath that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas one year out of the bathroom cabinet and plugged it in.  I didn't think that one through enough because it takes a while for the wax to melt.


I'm not coordinated enough to take a picture of both of my hands at the same time, and I didn't feel like pulling out my table-top tripod either.  So there are the before shots.  The pictures aren't close enough for you to see my fading polish.  I am on the computer all day at work, typing away, and when I'm not at work I'm constantly doing things with my hands, so it doesn't take long for my polish, even the best no chip polish, to chip.  

I took the polish off my nails and dug through my rolling cart full of manicure paraphernalia to find the stuff I needed.  I picked the color for my fingers and toes (no toe pictures because who on this planet wants to look at someone's feet?) and grabbed my files and scrub.  

I didn't give myself a full pedi, just wasn't in the mood.  I simply took the existing polish off and put new polish on.  But I went all out with the mani.  I used this scrub my good friend Jaz sent me on my hands.  Yes, I know it's a foot scrub.  Do you know how awesome it felt and how smooth my hands were afterwards? So smooth I did it twice!

It didn't take long to take the polish off, file, scrub, etc.  I was left waiting for the green light on my wax bath.  While I was waiting, this was going on outside...

It was raining so hard my gutters were overflowing.  If you look closely at the bottom right of the first picture, those are the yard stakes I bought at the fair.  You can see the flamingo and a little bit of the frog.  The swan is around the corner.

Finally! Green light.  I would have taken pictures of this process, however it's hard to take pictures when your hands are covered in wax and inside plastic bags.  So skip on!

I love Sally Hansen nail color.  This is Pink Princess.  I usually go with lighter, more subtle colors on my nails because they chip off all the time.  I figure if I use a bold color it will be way more obvious, so I always go with something pale.  I love pinks!

And the finished product:

This is a color so light you can barely see it, but I can see it and that's what matters.  It helps hide the chips and smudges, and yes, it's been less than an hour since they've been painted and dried and there are already deformities.  I told you it happens.

Now I have Ella Enchanted in the DVD player and I'm about to snack on an ice cream sandwich.  I love having the opportunity to get all chick-flicked out.

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