Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Phone: BlackBerry Style!

I finally decided to upgrade my cell phone.  I had an older BlackBerry Pearl, with the trackball - blech! I've only had it for about a year and a half, but as soon as I got it they came out with the touch pad ones (touch pad replaces the track ball).  So I already felt outdated.  Anyway, I love this phone! It is a flip phone, which I really miss.  The last flip I had was a Razor and I just liked it.  It has the full Qwerty keyboard, which I can no longer live without, and all the great features of a BlackBerry.  Oh, and it's purple! I spent yesterday personalizing the phone, removing the apps I didn't want, adding the apps I did want, and adding in my contacts.  This morning the IT guy at work added my work e-mail to it which has it's benefits.  So I am good to go and very excited! Brad is getting his upgrade in October and I know he can't wait.

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