Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More cards!

I made a couple of new cards tonight! Of course I packed them up in their envelopes before I had a chance to take a picture, but they're pretty cute.  One is a doggy birthday card and the other is an anniversary card.  The doggy birthday card used some die cuts I had printed back in February, and the anniversary card used stamps.  I really need to get some more stamps and I need some more die cuts.  Next time I get with B to scrap, I am going to print lots of die cuts.  And by "print" I mean send paper through the machine and pick what I want cut.  It's just easier to say print. 

Can you believe I'm already thinking about making my Christmas cards? It's APRIL! But if I plan to scrap them all, I've got to start early so that I'm not stressing out at the last minute.  There's enough stress around the holidays without having to make your own greeting cards!

Anyway, I used the new stamp pads I got from Inkadinkadoo.  They worked out much better than the other stamp pads that I have.  I still like the other ones, but when I'm using a bigger stamp, the larger pads work better. 

Tamra said that if I go to Michael's or A.C. Moore I might be able to find some inexpensive stamps.  She said sometimes they have them in dump bins for like $1.  So I might try and check those out so I can see if I can find some cute generic, or even anniversary or holiday stamps.  Would LOVE to get some more so I can make more.

Before I have my next scrap session with B, I need to make sure I pick up some more paper! The stock I have is the perfect thickness, but I cannot remember where I got it from, at all! And of course I no longer have it in the wrapper so I don't even know the figures for it.  Oh well, I'll hit Walmart and Target because undoubtedly that's where I purchased it.  I want more of those colors, mainly primary, and I also would like some pastels.

I also need to map out the cards that I need to be making so I "print" the appropriate things.  When it got down to crunch time last time, I just printed some random stuff and fortunately it's worked out pretty well thus far! I feel awful though because in the midst of my crazyness with work and school, I missed a birthday and an anniversary! But I will make that up.

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