Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flowertown Festival!

As always, Brad and I attended this years' Flowertown Festival.  It was such a nice day, would have been even better if the rain hadn't hit the park hard this past week.  The grounds were a little messy.  All in all we had a nice time.  I wish I had brought my camera to take pictures of the azaleas, I love those bushes.  Brad thinks cockroaches, a.k.a. palmetto bugs, live in them so he doesn't want us to have any at the house. 

Brad got his $15 mug of root beer and we spent about $20 sampling food in the Taste of Summerville area.  Dorky, I know, especially since we've eaten most of the food we "sampled" already.  It was still fun.  I had sushi from Wasabi, what else is new? And I had a crab cake from some place, I don't remember the name.  Brad had a gyro and Greek potatoes from North Towne something or other.  My memory is bad today.  We had cookies from McAlister's for desert. 

It was pretty crowded out there on Saturday so after we had our lunch, we headed straight for the three booths we wanted to buy from.  First was the place that sells the garden stakes I like.  Last year I bought a frog and I've been determined all year to buy him a friend.  This year I got two, a swan and a flamingo.  I'll take pictures later when I have them set up outside.  Then we went to the vendor that sells the dips, Sherry's Dips, which we've been getting for years now.  We always pick up three new ones when this time of year comes around, and they are delcious! We got some spicy flavors this year.  Last, we hit the stand that does the fudge.  Yum! They have little squares of fudge cut and wrapped and sell five for $5 or something like that.  So we each get five random flavors.  I personally love the various maple flavored ones. 

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