Saturday, April 16, 2011


About a year ago I joined E-Mealz by the recommendation of a friend and let me tell you, it was wonferful! Every week there is a new weekly meal plan that include the grocery shopping list, the recipes, and the ingredients are interchangeable so you use EVERYTHING! No more lettuce going bad in your fridge, you will use it all.  And the recipes are good and practical and nutritious.  It takes all the guesswork out of dinner and out of grocery shopping. 

Anyway, I did a trial of it and was recently reminded of it again when I saw a blog that I follow offering a giveaway.  (READ ABOUT GIVEAWAY HERE).  It's pretty awesome.  If you don't win the contest, you can always use the 10% off promo code in Kellie's blog! How awesome is that? I'm definitely getting some e-mealz again!

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