Monday, March 7, 2011

Trivia, a Wedding, a Puppy, and Cracker Barrel!

That pretty much sums up our weekend! Friday night we did trivia with my parents and we did not win.  We did have a nice time though, as always.  Late Friday night, Michele, Mat, and Donovan got to our house with their puppy Emma! I think she is 9 weeks old, she's a boxer! So adorable.  Daisy and her got along ok and now I have puppy fever! She is so precious.  Love that puppy face! 

Saturday we went to Scott and Mindy's wedding.  Scott is Brad's sister-in-law Brandi's twin brother.  It was at Old Santee Canal Park and it was very nice! The wedding was outside and the weather held out, thank goodness! The reception was in the interpretive center.  It was a really neat place and I'd like to visit again some time to really check things out.  For food, because you know I have to talk about the food, they had some pimento cheese crackers, ham biscuits, and crab dip for the cocktail hour.  Then for dinner there was pork tenderloin with a peach chutney sauce, shrimp and grits, tomato pie, potatoes au gratin, and mixed vegetables.  Everything was absolutely delicious! That evening, we took Evelyn back to our house and her and Donovan had a sleep over. 

Sunday morning, Brad and I took Donovan to Cracker Barrel with Eric, Brandi, and Evelyn.  We have not had a chance to eat there yet and it was yummy! I forget the name of my breakfast, but it had bacon, eggs, sausage, ham, grits, a biscuit, and cinnamon apples! I love the cinnamon apples.  I should have taken pictures of all this food!

Daisy and Emma playing in the backyard...

Adorable puppy chewing on the Christmas tree that, yes, is still in our backyard!
For the record - Brad is disposing of it next weekend!

This is her totally pooped after her play session with Daisy.
Donovan sipping on his Sprite at the wedding.
The Corbins
The men: Donovan, Mat, Chris, and Brad!
Me and Brad at dinner.
Me and Brad outside the ceremony/reception.

I had taken more pictures, but I forgot to change the camera settings from indoor to outdoor so they didn't come out too good.  Total bummer.  I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of the bride and groom!

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