Friday, March 11, 2011

New Bedroom Furniture!

I think it kind of tells you where a person is in their life when they get so darn excited about new furniture.  Where am I? I am happily married, living in a home that I love, I have great friends and family... I'm at peace.

So, my parents and sister had shopped around town for a dresser for a spare bedroom in their house for my niece and nephew.  When I saw it I loved it and when I heard the price I loved it more! They had purchased it at Trader Joe's Furniture, no relation to the Trader Joe's food market, for just $169.99.  I couldn't believe it.  Out of all the times that Brad and I went looking for bedroom furniture, we never found a dresser like that for that price, not even at Target! Not to mention we never really found one we liked.  So I was hooked and just waiting on our tax money to arrive, and for me to find the time to make it to the store. 

Trader Joe's is less than 5 minutes from my work, so I managed to get over there on Wednesday.  When my sister bought it, it was not in stock and had to ship.  I assumed this would be the case for me, but they had it in stock! I didn't even know they carried stuff in stock.  And... it was assembled! I purchased 2 (one for me and one for Brad) and had to go back yesterday to pick them up because I had the Kia and this was a job for the van.  So I picked them up and set them up last night. 

I'm so excited! We replaced the two mismatched hand-me-down dressers that we had and our bedroom is coming together! We didn't trash those dressers, they're still in good shape, so we moved them each into our spare bedrooms.  Not yet sure if that was a good or bad idea since I'm sure I will now fill them up with stuff they don't need to be filled with. 

After doing all that and cleaning up my bedroom, I was constantly staring at the eyesore of a TV stand we have in our bedroom.  It's about the size of a chest dresser, height and width, and the TV sits on top of it.  It really isn't a bad piece of furniture, but the wood tone is not right for the room.  Not everything that we have matches perfectly mind you... the headboard is dark metal, the nightstands are actually end tables from our living room that are dark wood, and the dressers are also dark wood - aside from the two dressers I purchased the other day and the two nightstands, nothing else is a part of a matching set.  But everything is dark and coordinates well with the other pieces in the room.  Except the TV stand.  Ugh.  Soo... today I went back to Trader Joe's and bought the chest dresser that goes with our set to replace the TV stand! Same price as the dressers and just as pretty.  We have some clothes, pants and pajamas and such, folded and stacked on the racks above our hanging clothes in the closet.  I figure we can move that stuff into this new dresser and get some extra space back in the closet.  The TV will be at the same height it has been all along, so all is well there.  And our room will totally match!

Update: I got the new dresser and it is pictured below! We put the eyesore out to the curb and someone took it within 5 minutes, not even kidding!

Side note: the lighting in these pics is awful! You can't really tell how pretty the blue walls are! Ugh.

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