Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Donovan!

Saturday, March 19th, was a beautiful day. The perfect day for a four-year-old's birthday party! I was honestly a little nervous that them planning an outdoor party would result in rain, Murphy's Law, right? But it didn't rain, not a drop.

As we were setting up, Evelyn was running around, excitedly saying, "this is going to be the best party ever!"

Mat and Michele rented a jump castle obstacle course.  The kids had an absolute blast! If I'm being honest, so did the adults.  The guy dropped off the jump castle that morning and of course Michele and I had to try it out.  Man it was rough! Not even my 30 Day Shred could have prepared me for that work out.  I seriously have no idea how the kids were running through that thing repeatedly.  Oh wait, that's because they were hyped up on all the sugar! They also rented a cotton candy machine!

I made cupcakes and my mother-in-law, Patti, made the cake.  We had hot dogs and mini-hamburgers, chips and dip.  It was a really nice day and it was nice to see family and friends.

People: Mat, Michele, Brad, Me, Chris, Eric, Jeff, Brandi, Kat, Evelyn, Donovan, David, Jenn, Erin, Kandace, Rey, Aiden, Bobby, Patti, Dot, James, Julie, Grace, Tara, Brittney, Emmalynn, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Bobby, Payton, Lexi...

And of course the arrival of the Corbin's in town meant my favorite little puppy was here too! Emma grew just a little bit, her legs are a little longer and maybe her body too, but she's still a baby!! Can't wait to see her again.

 D.J. opening presents

 My brand new cupcake tree featuring the red and blue iced cup cakes I made.
 The Disney Cars cake my mother-in-law made.
 More cupcakes!
 The sweets table!
 She who needs no introduction!
 Blowing out the candles, there were lots!
 Evelyn doing an interesting maneuver.

Michele and some of the girls going down the slide.

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