Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're Gleeks!

I was browsing The Cutest Blog on the Block and happened to see a Glee background and I couldn't resist changing my background to the Glee background, even if for only a few days!

Brad started watching this show when it first came out and I couldn't stop making fun of him for it.  I thought he was such a dork.  Then I had some friends who absolutely loved the show so I thought, OK, I'll check it out.  Brad had recorded and saved every episode from the first season to our DVR, so I watched the first episode.  It wasn't bad! So I watched the whole season so I could catch up and surprise him when the next season started.  I was completely hooked.  I think I even caught some episodes online because he didn't have them all for some reason.  Now we watch avidly, have some of the songs on our iPods, and buy the DVDs when they come out.

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