Saturday, February 5, 2011

Second place!

Last night we played trivia and we came in second! We had the last question right but weren't confident enough to bet the full 15 points and we were right and we lost by one point!!! AHHH! How frustrating is that? Especially when the team that won is the team I swear cheats! They sit outside and I can bet you, BET YOU, that they look up the answers on their cells or phone a friend or something.  I just don't believe that you can drink that much beer and still be smart! Nooo!

Anyway, we had cupcakes at the club house for my mom's birthday.  Happy birthday mom! Her birthday was actually Thursday, but since we didn't see her Thursday we had the cupcakes Friday.  That was actually the second desert we had for her birthday since my dad picked up an ice cream cake last weekend and when Brad and I went over for dinner, we had the ice cream cake! Yum! But it wasn't Carvel!!

I have been keeping up with my Project Weekends photos! I just haven't been keeping up with my blogging! I will pull the pictures from my memory card tomorrow, hopefully, and put them up here.  I've got some good ones from last weekend and I have yet to take one this weekend.  I will though!

Today I went to a 31 purse party at Cristina's place.  I had a good time, it was nice to get out and hang with the girls! I spent too much money, but on really cute things! Makes me want to have a Pampered Chef party again! Oh how I miss shopping that catalog! That's why I had to quit being a consultant, I was spending more time shopping for myself (my entire kitchen is pretty much Pampered Chef) than I was trying to expand my business.  Not cool!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! Brad is going over to Eric's house to party with the boys and I am not sure what my plans are.  I have a ton of stuff to do around the house and it would be a perfect opportunity to accomplish those things.  Plus I have some school work to take care of.  But I might go with Brad because I know he'd like for me to.  I guess how far I get with my school work tomorrow morning will determine where my day takes me! I will definitely post those pictures tomorrow though since I'm behind!

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