Monday, February 21, 2011

Scrapping Party!

Today, Cristina and Bernadette came over and we scrapped! It was so much fun.  Bernadette brought her Cricut die cutting machine and that was the highlight of the day.  Cristina and I had a field day making all sorts of shapes and letters for miscellaneous projects.  I completed a wedding card for an upcoming wedding Brad and I are attending in March.  I can't wait to get some more paper and some more ideas and for us to get together to work on some more!

 This is the wonderful Cricut machine! You buy little cartridges for it and they seriously have a cartidge for every theme you can think of and there is a ridiculous amount of shapes and fonts and stuff.  It is so awesome!!
This is the front of the wedding card.  It's a plain white card with red card stock on top, the black heart in the center is die cut, the black lines on the sides are stickers.
This is the card standing open.
 This is the inside of the card, it is also die cut.
Ta da! The back of the card! I die cut the red tag and used some stamps Cristina had to stamp "Made By Jennifer" there! Very impressed.
 This is the envelope.  The heart is part of the die cut from the front of the card, it is basically waste paper that is punched out but too cute to toss!
 This is our working space, well one of them at least!!

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