Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rocks rock!

The beautiful weather on Friday allowed for me to complete the front flower bed! I left work at noon on Friday and the rocks arrived around 1:00.  It was a pain in the butt shovelling the rocks into the wheelbarrow and then wheeling it over to the bed, but I managed and it looks pretty good.  Bare, but good! We need to find some plants (that I can't kill) to plant in there so it looks a little more presentable.  I am so happy it is finished though.  We just need to pick up some grass seed/sod to fill in here and there and then we'll really be done!  Here are some pics:
Pretty chipped marble!
Once the grass is green and not it's icky shade of dormant brown, I'll take a faraway picture!
The walk up to the front door.  We actually had chipped marble here already but we didn't have the weed liner underneath, it was weedy and dirty.  After work on Thursday and Friday I dug it all out, sprayed it off, put down the liner, and filled it back in.  I think that was the worst part of the entire process, but it all looks so clean now so it was worth it!!
The frog garden decoration I bought at the Flowertown Festival last year. 
Can't wait to shop it again this year and maybe get Mr. Frog a friend!!

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