Saturday, February 5, 2011


Here are the pictures for this weekend's Project Weekends!

The Phantom Menace!
We acquired Phantom shortly after we started dating.  One of my old bosses (when I was a nanny) found her roaming around the neighborhood.  She was itty bitty and her eyes weren't even open yet! We had to bottle feed her and give her baby rice cereal!
 Meet Buster Brown! He is the friendliest cat around!
We acquired Buster, or rather Buster acquired us, when he came to our door step and simply wouldn't leave.  Being the animal lover that I am, I would leave food out for him and another neighborhood cat (I'll tell that story another time) and when we realized that Buster had no claws, we just had to take him in.  We did try to find his owner, but no one came forward. 
 This is my Loco Monster! Locomotion! Locometer! Locometron!
I bought Loco at Brian's Aquarium and Pets in Rocky Point, New York in I believe March of 1998.  She was born in February of that year.  Her 13th birthday is coming up! I always joke that she is the only pet we currently have that I wanted! She cost me $25.  I got her shortly after our family cat, Puma, disappeared.  I always wanted another cat just like Puma and Loco sure is! My dad didn't want another cat, so I hid Loco in my room for about two weeks before he noticed.  I was in so much trouble, but he fell in love with her cute little face! She is such a mother cat.  She has a stuffed octopus (was once Daisy's) that she carries around the house.  She also goes up to Daisy and licks her face all the time.
Daisy Belle! Bat Face! DB! BB! DD! Monkey! Monk Monk!
Anyone who knows me and Brad knows all about Daisy! She is the star of our show.  Our child.  We bring her with us everywhere that we can.  She sleeps in the bed, under the covers by our feet, every night.  She has a stuffed monkey (that was once mine) and she sucks on its foot.  The same foot every time.  She will just lay down, get herself comfy, and get the foot in her mouth and lull herself to sleep.  When we get into bed at night and Daisy jumps down and disappears for a minute, we know she's going to find her monkey.  And sure enough, she always comes back with it! She's a precious little angel! She gets along great with the cats, she's about the same size as them so I'm not sure she knows they are different animals.  She acts like a big sister a lot if any of them are fighting, she always wants to split it up.

Our pets certainly light up our lives!

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