Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh what fun it is to landscape!

Hmm, can landscape be used as a verb? What are you doing today? I'm landscaping.  I think it can.

So Brad and I have started our wonderful project of landscaping around the house.  We began on Saturday of this past weekend and this will continue on for a little while longer (I'm being optimistic here).  The project contains the following components: remove old mulch; pull up borders on sides of house; reset front border; spray for weeds everywhere; put down weed liner in front; put down rocks (yay rocks!); put down grass seed/sod; plant something?; and water religiously.

On Saturday we pulled up all the old mulch (check!).  That was a lot of work and we were so sore afterwards.  I think I even cooked dinner that night, how I got the energy to do that I don't know.  On Sunday Brad got rid of the mulch while I pulled up all the borders around the house and reset the front border.  Then I sprayed for weeds in the beds and in the front lawn. 

This week we are going to hit the store and pick up the weed liner to put down in the front (and only surviving) flower bed.  I don't know why I call it a flower bed because nothing except weeds lives in there.  Anyway, we'll put that down this week to prepare for our rock delivery on Friday! Then we'll decide if we want to plant anything.  I seriously kill everything I put in the ground, so I don't know if this is going to work, but ideally I'd like hibiscus because those flowers are simply gorgeous. 

Why are we doing this you ask? Well...
1. The mulch needs to be replaced badly.
2. Because of the angle of the surface of our front flower bed, every time it rains the chips wash out into the yard.  BS.  So replacing them with rocks will help solve that problem.
3. Weeds.  We need a weed liner before I go nuclear on those bad boys.
4. The side beds that line the house are more maintenance than they're worth.  They have weeds and the centipede grass that we have grows over into them so we're going to try to grow grass in there.

I think those are completely justifiable reasons to make this change.  Buying the rocks in bulk is much more cost efficient than even buying chips, and to think that we'll never need to worry about replacing them again! I love that idea.  LOVE that idea.  So I'm thinking we'll have much of it done by the end of February, but we may need to wait on the grass and plants until Spring because I'm not sure what will be available right now.  A strip or two of sod in the front to fill in where we reset the flower bed would be much easier than growing grass, so hopefully that works to our advantage.  The centipede grass fills in real quick though, so I know it won't be patchy for long, if at all.

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