Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm behind in my posting and I'm trying to at least post these things in order, if not on the correct days. 

Happy Valentine's Day!! Yesterday was mine and Brad's 8th Valentine's Day together, our third since we've been married.  We've honestly never been big celebrators of the day, we usually just go out together for dinner if we can find some place that's not mobbed.  But the craziness of the day is why we tend to lay low.

Yesterday I was sick and I stayed home from work.  Oh what a happy Valentine's Day, in bed feeling like garbage.  A couple of years ago, I think for our first married Valentine's Day, Brad and I went to dinner at Oscar's in Summerville.  It's a nice place with delicious foods.  They are priced a little high so we don't get there often, but once in a while is nice.  Anyway, we had hoped to do something similar, but with me being sick and the only available reservation being at 9:30, it just wasn't in the cards this year.  Instead, we decided to order take out because Brad didn't want either of us to cook.  So we ordered a ton of food from our favorite Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar - Wasabi.  I'd place the link but for whatever reason their web site is down and it says their subscription has been suspended, interesting little tidbit! LOL.  I don't really care because the food still rocks! We ordered hibachi meals - me steak and shrimp (delish but next time I want steak and chicken) and Brad filet and chicken (yummo!).  Then we ordered Jericho's Nachos which is the head sushi chef's special creation.  I can't even describe it properly except to say it's to die for.  We also had soup and salad (love that ginger dressing!) and naturally - sushi! We got four different rolls - Summerville Roll (it has eel and yes I ate eel!), Spicy Tuna Roll, SC Crunch Roll, and Scam Roll.  I'm so thankful that it wasn't my stomach that had me sick! Of course about half of what we ordered ended up in plastic containers in our fridge, but variety is the spice of life and it was all so worth it! Pictures to follow as soon as I upload them!

The table set before dinner arrived... note the new sushi dish set I purchased
using a gift card from my sister Christine that I received for my birthday!
And after dinner arrived! Please note: I did not end up drinking any wine.
I had one sip but I didn't feel well enough to actually drink it.
Plus it's white and I've had a hankering for red lately.

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