Saturday, January 22, 2011

Team Trivia!

Friday nights at the Legend Oaks clubhouse they do Team Trivia.  Brad and I go with my parents.  We went last night and had a nice time, this is the third Friday we've been this year, but last night we WON!!!!

For the final question you have the opportunity to bet 0-15 points.  At that point we were in second place, two points behind the leader.  The final question usually involves putting things in order by date or size or something like that.  So last night we had to put four songs in order starting with which one was released first.  The songs were: Yellow by Coldplay, Come Out and Play by The Offspring, This Used to be My Playground by Madonna, and I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys.  Within seconds I had the order and I was super confident! I knew that the Madonna song was first because that was from A League of Their Own, then I knew it was Offspring because that's from when I was in junior high.  Then comes I Want It That Way because I worked at the music store and was in high school at that time.  Last was Cold Play because I just knew that was the newest.  I was so proud of myself and we were one of maybe two teams that got that question right.  Mainly because a lot of the other teams had older people who didn't know those songs at all.  I knew all of them.  So I was super happy and that put us way out in first! $50 house cash!!

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