Monday, January 17, 2011

Project Weekends! New: A Picture A Week

Some of you may have heard of these different project themes going on early this year: Project 365, Project 52, etc.  Project 365 is where you take a picture every day of the year; project 52 is when you take one picture every week of the year.  Some of these projects have random themes: one day will be something like take a picture of your favorite book, or treat, or something like that.  Well I was too late to begin either of these projects so I'm starting my own - Project Weekends! I am going to take a picture every weekend and post it here.  No themes, totally random pictures.  I missed the first weekend of the year and I absolutely cannot believe I did not take a picture that weekend since I've taken pictures before and after it.  Oh well, moving forward! The second weekend of the year, January 8-9, I have my pictures from Patriots Point.  This weekend (I took the picture on Monday but that's OK because Monday is a part of my 3-day weekend) I took a picture of my cookie cake.  Who knows what next weekend will bring!!

Update - 03/14/11: I've decided to change this up a bit.  Let me tell you, it's hard to take pictures when you have to! This is something I wanted to do that would be fun, so I am changing it slightly.  It will be "A Picture A Week".  I figure with any goal, you need to adjust your path a little bit in order to make the goal more achievable.  So that's what I'm doing.  Basically, instead of restricting myself to the weekends, I now have all week!

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