Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo Explosion 4.0

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and for a while now I've been wanting to take photography on as a real hobby.  I got my new camera for Christmas, Brad got me a tripod, and what I felt that I was missing was a new camera bag and some kind of photo editing software.  So I went to Best Buy with some gift cards I also received for Christmas in hot pursuit of these items.  I got lucky and found a nice little camera bag that just fits my Nikon, it also has pockets for memory cards, batteries, and some other small accessories.  I can't find this particular bag online otherwise I'd post a link.  After picking up some spare Energizer AA lithium batteries, I went to check out the software selection.  I have to say that I wasn't impressed.  Most of the media related software was for video editing.  They didn't even have Adobe Photo Shop.  I was able to find Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0.  It looked pretty impressive and it was priced at only $39.99.  I figured I'd take a chance with it at that price, considering other photo editing software like Adobe is easily priced at $100.  I haven't utilized every feature yet, but I've played around a little and I'm pretty impressed so far.   The only other photo editing software I have experience with is Corel Paint Shop Pro, and I only used that for a few things at work, so not enough to do a real comparison.  But so far it seems pretty easy to use, I'll comment more about it as I get further into the program.  One feature I think is very neat is that you can turn your photo into different types of art, like Impressionist, Van Gogh, Oil Painting... there are several different art forms to choose and it is really neat to see your pictures transformed.  A companion program that comes with Photo Explosion is Montage Plus 1.0.  You can load a picture into that program and it makes a montage of that photo using a bunch of preloaded generic photos.  At first I thought it used your own photos and I thought that would have been completely awesome, I was wrong.  But it still looks very neat! I'll load the original photo I used and the montage photo that the program produced, right now Blogger won't let me load any photos, so I'll have to wait and update this later.  So far I'm pretty satisfied with the program, but I haven't had to do anything with it yet, I've only been experimenting.  So we'll see what happens when I actually want to do something - if it works to my liking or not.

 This is the original.
This is the montage!

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