Saturday, January 15, 2011

Patriots Point

I'm a week late in posting this, but at least I'm posting this!

Last Saturday was a free weekend to visit Patriots Point, home of the U.S.S. Yorktown.  Jeff and Kat met us there and we had fun touring the ship and the submarine.  We've all been there before, but it's always nice to go back and check things out again as interests change over time and there is so much there that you never know what might catch your eye this time around.  It was very windy so it wasn't very easy to enjoy the flight deck, but it was still fun and I was able to take A LOT of pictures. 

 One of the planes inside the Yorktown.
 The Cooper River Bridge, picture taken from the flight deck of the Yorktown.
 The map room.
 Brad sticking his head where it doesn't belong.  I love this picture,
it will definitely make my 2011 photo book!
 The view of Charleston from the flight deck.
 The Yorktown.
 The submarine at Patriots Point... U.S.S. Clamagore.
Brad inside the sub. 
Jeff laying on one of the beds in the sub.

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