Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

As Brad and I are ringing in the New Year, we reflect on some of the moments of 2010 that were memorable. 

Our year started off kind of slow, but it was rather entertaining.  I made some new friends that I know I will have for the rest of my life.  We have each had some changes in our professional lives as well.  I have continued to excel in school and Brad has been offered a wonderful new work opportunity.

The summer brought my sister and her family to Summerville.  We had some fun times with the Cousino clan including Benjamin and Madeline's birthdays, the fourth of July, and many more.

Brad and I spent a week in Florida with the Elkins clan at the Orange Lake Resort we visit annually.  We also took a little side trip to Hilton Head Island with my sister Christine, and Tracy and the kids.

August brought two additional members to the Elkins' family.  Brad's sister Michele married her fiance Mat, and that brought us Mat's son Donovan.

The Gamecocks won the SEC East championship and had a great season.  They beat a number one team - Alabama, and won their rivalry game against Clemson.  I even learned a thing or two about football.  The Gamecocks baseball team won the national championship. 

We finished off the year with a great holiday season. 

We are both looking forward to all the good that the New Year will bring.  2010 wasn't a bad year, but I have a feeling that 2011 will be even better!

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