Friday, December 10, 2010

Poor Puppy!

Well, our little bad dog got into some stuff! On Wednesday when Brad and I went out to get our Christmas tree, Daisy got onto the kitchen table and ate some of my cream cheese cookies and a bunch of Tootsie Rolls that were left over from Halloween.  She was so sick! She threw up five times that night and once yesterday morning.  I took her to her vet at Banfield yesterday and she had some bloodwork done and some shots.  Her carbohydrates were high, no surprise there!, and she was dehydrated.  She had an injection to help balance out the acidity in her stomach and prevent gas, and she also had fluid therapy.  They injected her with 200 unites of that and it's full of nutrients and stuff to make her well again.  She had a huge lump on the back of her neck at the injection site where the fluid pools until it is absorbed into her system.  She is much more chipper today than she was Wednesday or Thursday, so that's great! She's on a mild diet for the next few days just to keep her tummy settled so no treats! Boo.  Hopefully she's learned her lesson!

Here is a picture of the lump at her injection
site, just below her collar on her back.

And here is our little patient at the vet's office with
eyes that just beg mommy to take her home!

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