Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Decorations, Part I

Last night, Brad's sister Michele and I put out our Department 56 Christmas village!

Me, her, and her husband Mat got all of the Christmas boxes from the attic (no easy task!).  Since we don't have our tree yet and since it was too late to do the outside lights, some inside decorations were about all we could tackle. 

The village looks great! It is out on the higher kitchen counter like last year.  It fits in that space perfectly.  I kind of wish I could find all the lights so I could maybe light it up this year, but no such luck.  I'm sure I'll find them eventually though.

I put out my Lenox angel, my Snowbaby messenger figure, some other nic-nacs, and Aunt Barbara's Christmas tree.  I have some bathroom hand towels to wash and then I can put those out.  I had some little nic-nacs that I gave to Michele.  They were things that I didn't put out anymore so I figured I would rather give them to someone than either throw them out or keep storing them. 

I think Brad and I might do our outside lights this week, and then hopefully work it into our schedule to get a tree! I cannot wait until everything is complete.  It is kind of nice doing these things in stages instead of all at once because it prolongs the fun of holiday decorating! It's always all over as soon as it has begun, but this way we'll be doing pieces here and there and we can just enjoy it that much more.  Of course I can't wait to see the finished product! And maybe to buy even more stuff!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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